Rest assured D-Cow is no stranger to a set of 1200s. He has played sets around Sydney and Melbourne at a variety of venues including Beach Rd Hotel Bondi (syd), Suey Sins (Syd), Holy Grail (Melb), Play Bar (Syd), Down N’ Out (Syd), One Drop Brewing Co. (Syd) just to name a few.
Over the airwaves you might of caught him on Paris Pompor’s ‘Jumping the Gap’ show hosted on 2SER throwing down one of the funkiest mixes we have heard this year. He also guests on The Black President Show, a mix radio show hosted on Sydney’s Koori Radio on Friday nights.
A member of both Syd Def Jam, Play Sydney & The Forty Five Kings, he has also guested along side The GrooveDealers.
Breaking? he got you, for Destructive Steps at the Charity Block Party for Mental Health he threw down an explosive set for the dancers creating an energetic atmosphere resulting in a turbulent battle ground. Originally from Scotland and from a young age he has always been spinning and to date has over 30 years experience. He is now a Sydney resident and specialises in hip-hop, funk, soul, boogie, disco and breaks.

D-Cow is also dabbling into music production, of both original material and DJ Edits all of which will be available to stream from this site.